Sportsbook Operators In the USA For the 2011 Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest sporting events around the world and in the US and as such it is quite common for many fans to have a small bet on the race each season. The best and easiest way for punters to have a bet on the Kentucky Derby is through opening an online account and the likes of BetUS and Bodog offer a comprehensive service for both experienced and rookie punters.


BetUS are one of the top sportsbook operators in America and they offer excellent markets on all the top sports from racing to Basketball and the Kentucky Derby will prove to be one of their most popular events of the year. They also offer bonuses for punters who sign up to their service and anyone from within the US wanting to have a bet on the 2011 Kentucky Derby should follow the links below.

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BetUS Sports Betting


Bodog are another top class sportsbook online for customers in the US and their racing section is as good as it gets which is a good sign for punters wanting to have an interest in the Kentucky Derby. Customers will need to follow the links and open an account before having a bet on the race but that takes no more than a few minutes. The Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest races on the calendar in the US and Bodog offer customers in the USA to have a little bet on the big arce at the start of May.

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