Kentucky Derby Trends

The following Kentucky Derby trends should be noted before placing any Kentucky Free bet. Trends and statistics are always a useful pointer when selecting a likely winner of the spectacular race.

Recent Runs

More often than not a horse does not win the Kentucky Derby unless it has ran within four weeks of the race. It has been done both in 2006 when Barbaro had waited five weeks and Big Brown did the same in the 2008 Kentucky Derby.


Big Brown broke the usual trend of the race last year when winning after only being raced three times previously. Prior to that it was way back in 1933 when a horse won the Derby with less than six races behind him. It is essential therefore not to ignore the statistic, but hey trends are always there to be changed.

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Dirt Experience

It is very rare for a horse to win the Kentucky Derby unless it has had some dirt racing experience. This is not always the case, but those that have often out perform those that do not. This is particularly important to note when European horses are entered in the race as very often they have been raced over turf.

Big Field Experience

The Kentucky Derby is famed for creating a field of runners who are prepared to bump and barge there way into position. Less experienced horses do not always enjoy this aspect and can often be fazed by it. Therefore it is a good thing to look at horses who have ran in big fields and who have acquitted themselves well in the process.